Today, having a clean shave are on the getting sanitary, successful, brilliant, and you will young in the Korea

Today, having a clean shave are on the getting sanitary, successful, brilliant, and you will young in the Korea

2. Genetics and you will Age

Genetics gamble a critical role when you look at the choosing new beard gains pattern. Korean boys provides follicles of hair with low awareness on testosterone. They contributes to slow development of the human body and you may undesired facial hair.

Mustache increases is also proportional so you’re able to aging. Korean boys have a tendency to age more sluggish than simply Western european males. Very, their beards take more time to-arrive full progress in contrast on their Eu counterparts.

3. Cultural Factors

More youthful Koreans believe beards messy, dirty, peculiar, and you may dirty, whereas a clean shave is short for sharpness, category, and elegance. At the same time, a mustache and moustache certainly one of earlier guys are noticed an icon from information. Hence, it’s disrespectful to have men for a beard in front away from good beardless older guy when you look at the Korean culture.

  • Judgement: People that have a beard within the Korea was perceived as both heading because of some emotional stress. Otherwise others thought he’s got ‘missing the way’ and are into the medications otherwise liquor.
  • Ladies’ Taste: Mustache is a sign of manliness. But in Korea, lady think boys with beards as unhygienic and an individual who are incapable of handling on their own. They think from it while the an awful personality feature.
  • Occupations Society: Many offices and you will services ensure it is mandatory for men to help you shave everyday to seem more contemporary. Actually a little stubble is messy that is not allowed.

4. Beauty Criteria

Korea is known for its highest charm criteria and skin treatment situations. Physical appearance is actually of utmost importance so you can Korean some one. They want smooth, poreless, blemish-free, as well as-toned body. It is abnormal however, applies to folks equivalent.

As per a survey report conducted one of Southern Korean men, up to 56% ones shave and take proper care of their beards shortly after good time. Of numerous Koreans read surface measures for example lasers to prevent otherwise reduce undesired facial hair growth.

And additionally, extremely Koreans think looks locks barbaric and proceed through laser light treatments to remove muscles locks and you can meet with the Korean beauty important.

5. Part out of Media

Korean mass media played a vital role for the strengthening the very thought of beardless males because the a basic out of beauty. Because of this, a clean shave try popularised from inside the Korea of the male mass media trends, k-pop music, and you can k-dramas.

Media show clean-shaved boys because the greatest men that have balance and you will success. In contrast, individuals who struck very cheap get having crude beards.

In addition to, it popularise this notion certainly youngsters that if a man gets up and decides to be on track once more, first thing they do was cleanup, shave, and match up. These types of messages firmly impression people’s brains while making beardless men charm signs.

6. Current Situation for the Korea

Korean society try constantly developing and you will changing. Possibly later on, Koreans will go returning to the Joseon root and you will accept the fresh bearded browse.

Including, now, some K-dramas are promoting actors having a mustache. Unfortuitously, though, natives call them dirty-horny. Therefore the popular trust of getting a beard is not altered, and you can a mustache is still labelled because filthy.

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